Tired of being at war with food?
You’ve been fighting food for what seems like forever. It feels like you’ve tried everything for weight loss…counting calories, counting carbohydrates, all meat, all vegetables, Weight Watchers, etc.

Your head is packed to the brim with food knowledge and information about weight loss.

Full of motivation and enthusiasm you start a new diet, sure this is THE ONE!

The weight falls off, building your confidence. But then something happens to get you off track. Driven by fatigue or a moment of weakness you eat “just a bit” of that forbidden food. Then, before you know it, the bag of chips or the carton of ice cream is empty.

Staring at the remnants of the snack, a wave of shame nearly overwhelms you.

“I did it again,” you think.

“I’ll never lose the weight,” you tell yourself.

Surrendering to the shame, you fall back into your default eating patterns. Before you know it you’ve regained the weight you lost plus a few pounds just for good measure.

So what’s the solution to winning the food battle and lasting weight loss?
  •  It’s not information…you have that in spades.
  •  It’s not will power…that comes and goes.
  •  It’s not a secret combination of foods…that doesn’t exist.
The Solution Is Inside You!
The solution is understanding WHY you overeat despite your desperate desire to not do so. Once you understand these core drivers, and how to work with them, you can repair your relationship with food.

We help people break out of the diet cycle, end their personal battles with food and embrace lasting change.

Learn to listen to your body and give it what it truly needs. Honor your body’s innate signals, with which you have lost connection. Eat the foods you love (even “junk” food) without obsessing over calories, carbohydrates, fat grams or protein.

Make peace with your body and food and live in harmony while losing weight.

The Missing Piece...
We live in a drive-through, instant-gratification culture. We want to have our cake and eat it too...and be skinny in the process. This mindset makes us vulnerable to the captivating tabloid promises of "eat anything you want and lose 15 pounds in 15 minutes".

Even though the logical part of us knows such promises are nonsense, we can't help but wonder...what if...

Conventional wisdom in the diet world has long been that a simple mathematical formula is the key to success. We've been taught that calories in minus calories out equals weight change.

This formula is technically true, but represents a small (probably 20%) of the whole picture.

So, what is the other 80% of the "diet formula"?

The majority of the formula, that has been utterly ignored (or at least vastly underestimated) by conventional nutritional teaching, is whatever is going on inside your head around food. That is to say, the psychology of eating.
Good News...Bad News...
The good news is that your challenges in eating in an empowered manner come from inside you!

"Wait a minute," you say. "How is that good news? That sounds like bad news to me!"

It's good news because if you are the problem, then you are also the solution! Or, at least the solution is inside you.

What you eat is important. But, how you think about your eating is MUCH MORE important.

That brings us to the really good news...

An entire field is dedicated to helping people understand the root causes of their behavior then applying tools to change that behavior in a safe, logical and often permanent manner.

Body Wise Empowered Eating was developed by two local therapists who help people change every day. Now you can apply these powerful tools of change to your relationship with food.
About The Creators of Body Wise Empowered Eating...
Clay Cutts, LCSW and Kimberley Mapel, MS, LPC are professional therapists who help people overcome their most significant and difficult life challenges. They do this by guiding clients through their often overwhelming and confusing inner emotional worlds in order to identify and fix root causes. This process leads to real and lasting change.

They are now applying their expertise in their respective fields to the topic of eating. They understand that psychology is the missing piece in mainstream diets...which is why they don't work.

Come learn from Clay and Kimberley at the Body Wise Empowered Eating Workshop and transform your relationship with food!
Body Wise Empowered Eating Workshop
Introducing the Body Wise Empowered EatingWorkshop.

Thursday November 8, 2018
Flat Creek County Club
Peachtree City, GA
6:00 to 8:00 PM

Cost: $75.00 per person
In This Workshop You Will...
  •  Learn why diets don't work and what does
  •  Shift your mindset about your body, your food, and your life
  •  Discover the REAL reasons you eat and overeat
  •  Learn tools to control your eating and still enjoy the foods you love
  •  Overcome habits and patterns that keep you stuck
  •  Master your thoughts feelings and behaviors so they work FOR you instead of AGAINST you
  •  Develop skills and tools for managing emotional eating
Who Is This Not For?
This workshop is not for everyone!

If you LOVE spending 3 hours per day at the gym this workshop is probably not for you.
If you take pride in surviving on a severely restricted diet this workshop is probably not for you.
If you are looking for an "eat this magical food and be instantly thin" solution this workshop is probably not for you.
Who Is This For?
This workshop is perfect for anyone who has struggled with food. It's designed for you if, despite your best efforts, you have an unhealthy relationship with food but can't seem to change that relationship. It's great for those who want to lose weight, have more energy, feel healthier, or be in balance with their eating.

If you have a sneaking suspicion that "something in your head" is getting in your way, you will find very useful answers here.

This workshop is ideal for those who are seeking a common sense, rational relationship with their food and their bodies.
What's Next?
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